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Wholesale Trade and Affiliates

Wholesale and Trade, includes Affiliate options.

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Becoming a Natural Salt Seller trading partner could not be easier.

To be eligible to apply you must own a business that requires salt as a core offering and commit to purchase at least £100 net of salt from us each time you order.   If we approve your application you will be entitled to a number of benefits:

Discounts on bulk purchases

The Natural Salt Seller offers discounted prices on many products in our range, the percentage of discount will depend on the item you choose though and how many you choose to buy.

The trade discounts vary and do change according to exchange rates and market trends etc. We will email the prices and discounts to you regularly (including any other offers available).

The Natural Salt Seller’s mini catalogue

The Natural Salt Seller can give you copies of our current mini catalogue to distribute to your customers and clients. All you need to do is to add your details to the back of the mini catalogue in the space provided and when a sale is made through our shop the commission earned is attributable to you. Place the mini catalogue in your business premises for your clients to find. It works in the same way as ‘Affiliate sales via direct phone call’. We can send you a batch of mini catalogues free of charge if you ask for them.

In some cases The Natural Salt Seller can place your name on the front label of products in our own branded product ranges.  Conditions apply.


If you feel you could supply us with an interesting feature on your business or service that would entertain, educate and benefit our website visitors then we’d like to hear from you. Profiles follow a basic template that we can supply and, once approved, would appear on our website at www.naturalsaltseller .co.uk
Also use this service for book launches, tasting sessions, cookery courses, special events that you run or similar. We cannot guarantee your details will appear however we would do our best. Currently there is no charge to you for this service.

Affiliate Options*

You do not need to have a Wholesale or Trade account to be able to earn Affiliate commission on sales. Anyone that feels they can refer new customers to us can apply to become an affiliate.  If you are already a Wholesale or Trade customer you will receive the option to become an affiliate automatically.

Affiliate sales via an Online link, Phone order.

When you become an Affiliate with The Natural Salt Seller you can earn commission on sales completed through our online shop. Provided you are on our online affiliate list we can easily attribute sales completed by anyone you have referred to us – we do this online via a special web link from your website to ours or by one of our telephone orderline operatives attributing the sale to you at the time the customer places their first order with us by phone.

Affiliate status enables you to earn commission on sales. You will also be entitled to up to 12 months commission on any further sales from that customer too. Commissions on completed sales range between 2.5% and 15% of the net profit on full retail priced products. The affiliate commission percentage (between 2.5% and 15% ) is dependant on the quantity of orders received from your link. You will start at 5% and then the rate increases or decreases accordingly. The Natural Salt Seller website software tracks specific customer sales. Your commission is paid directly to your bank account on a monthly basis, paperwork is sent by post for your files. Payments are paid one month in hand to allow for refunds, fraud, cancellations etc.

When you refer customers through to our online shop from your own website you must use the affiliate link we provide to you or our website will not be able to attribute the sale completed to your account. If you need help setting up we can help you with this.

When customers phone their order through for the first time please ask them to mention that you are the referrer or we will not know 😉


The Natural Salt Seller can supply a reasonable quantity of samples for you to assess or samples for you to make available to your clients to try. We are not able to supply samples of every item in our range but please ask to see if a particular sample could be made available. A small charge is made for samples.


A free entry in our online directory (going live shortly). We’ll keep you posted on this one! The Natural Salt Seller will keep you up to date with any relevant news, new product information, pricing updates etc via email.